Our Outdoor Karting is a Great Activity for all


You can choose from the following race types:

  • Fueler: 5 minute race (+/- 18 laps) R100 per person
  • Gasser: 10 minute race (+/- 36 laps) R145 per person
  • Le-mans: 60 minutes or longer (see the Group Bookings Section for more information)


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Le-Mans option

Group Bookings

We recommend that you look into our different Le-Mans options when you consider karting in groups. The Le-Mans option gives you exclusive use of the track and you may swop the driver out as many times as you like. You book the track, you bring the drivers (MAX 10) (Drivers may be swopped out as many times as you like).

NB - Le-Mans race options will only be offered when Elevate has 3 or more karts available - otherwise shorter races are more economical for guests

Go-Kart Race Track 1

30 minute le-mans

Go-Kart Race Track 2

60 minute le-mans

Go-Kart Race Track 3

90 minute le-mans

Go-Kart Race Track
Go-Kart Bookings

Go-Kart Bookings

Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings for Karting as our track is outside and operates only when it is dry. The track can accommodate races of 5 drivers per race for normal races and for Le-Mans races the number of racers is determined by the Group and the number of Karts that we have available (See the Group Bookings section for more information).

Tickets for Go-Karting are sold at Elevate’s reception desk or our Refuel Kiosk. After you purchase your race, please queue your race with the race director when you are ready. Races are queued only when you hand in your race slip to the track director. It is a good idea to queue your race as soon as possible during peak times. You will still need to complete our online waiver. This can be done online or at the park.

  • For safety reasons, Kart Drivers MUST be 12 years or older and above 1.5m in height.
  • Please wear closed shoes.
  • Tie up any loose hair.
  • We do not have speed limits.
  • No outside food and/drinks allowed. Please support our kiosk
  • Le-Mans Bookings are only available when booking through management.
  • Why time and not laps: We use time rather than laps as time based racing rewards faster drivers. With lap races your race is over sooner if you are faster.
  • Our karts are fitted with a timing transponder and we run the state of the art Race Director software on our track. You will receive a printout of your lap times and race times to validate your bragging rights.
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Kart Team Challenge

Elevate Quarterly Challenge

Team members can set thier best laps at any time/date during the quarter. Please ensure that our staff record your team name and your times on the dedicated leaderboard after the following (quarterly challenge).

Elevate Quarterly Challenge Image